Krishna worships Shiva

Krishna worships Shiva

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Significance of Tamasic Puranas

“The division of the 18 Puranas is defined by Lord Siva to Goddess Parvati as classification into Sattvika, Rajasa and Tamasa in PADMA PURANA.”


SUMMARY of 4 verses ---
1) Satvika Puranas lead one to liberation.
2) Rajasa do not cause good.
3) Tamasa puranas SHIVA PURANA etc. lead one to HELL.

By reading these verses, anyone may start BELIEVING that ---- Worshipping Only VISHNU or KRISHNA ((Supreme Gods of Satvika Puranas)) will attain Salvation whereas those worshipping Brahma and Shiva ((Supreme Gods of Rajasa & Tamasa Puranas )) will reach upto Brahma Lok and Hell respectively.
Clarification on the above ISKCON promoted RUMOUR----

The QUESTIONS arise ---

1. If Rajasik & Tamasik Puranas DO NOT cause any good and leads one to Hell, then why did Ved Vyas write these MISLEADING PURANAS for the common people ???

2. Why did Ved Vyas not write ONLY Vaishnava Puranas for the welfare of people ????

3.Ved Vyas OUGHT TO HAVE written “THE PRECAUTION” at the starting of every Rajasik and Tamasik Puranas that ---
“ CAUTION !!! …… These SHIVA PURANAS etc. written by ME are only for TIME-PASS & MISLEADING the public. DO NOT TAKE THESE SERIOUSLY, Otherwise you will END UP IN HELL”……………
Why Did Ved Vyas Not Write Something Like This ?????

4. Iskcon people PROUDLY say that “Srila Ved Vyas” --- (( writer of all 18 Puranas including their FAVOURITE Srimad Bhagavatam )) --- was an incarnation of the Supreme Personality Of Godhead KRISHNA.

5. How can the “GODHEAD Incarnation”- Ved Vyas be so IRRESPONSIBLE towards its children ((Human Beings)) by providing them WRONG and MISLEADING SCRIPTURES that DRAG THEM TOWARDS HELL ????


1. All the 18 Puranas are MEANT TO ELEVATE the human beings ((From Their Respective Gunas)) to the Nirguna Tattva i.e. beyond the three Gunas.

2. Each Purana DIRECTLY ELEVATES a person belonging to particular guna, to the Nirguna Tattva.

3. The Sattvik Guna is at the highest level among the 3 Gunas, below it is Rajasik and Bottom-most third is Tamasik Guna.


In a 10 storeyed building,
Some people are residing at the Ground Floor (Tamasik Guna)
Some persons are on the 5th Floor (Rajasik Guna)
Rest of the persons are on 8th Floor (Sattvik Guna)

To reach the 10th floor (Liberation) of the building, the Owner of building has set up 3-ELEVATOR SYSTEM.
(3 types of Puranas)
Not just 1, BUT 3 ELEVATORS HAVE BEEN PROVIDED to pick the persons from their respective floors to the Top floor

First elevator is of HIGHEST POWER as it has to Upbring the people from Ground floor.
Second elevator consumes LESS POWER – 5th floor to 10th
Third elevator consumes LEAST POWER – 8th floor to 10th

In this way, the owner has maintained Complete Harmony by providing 3 SEPARATE ELEVATORS to the 3 classes of people.

But, some persons of 8th floor (ISKCON) with LESS BRAINS start shouting ---
“My elevator is superior to the other two”,…….. “Only my elevator works and other elevators are Not Authentic”,…….. “Come and join my elevator”, “Only my elevator leads to 10th floor while other two will lead to BASEMENT (Hell !!!)

Don’t you think-- the persons shouting in this way are MORE STUPID than those standing at 5th and ground floor ????

REVEALED with Logical Reasons

Bhagavad Gita says --- 
1. “Tamasic Guna …….((not Tamasic Purana)) ….is the MOST INFERIOR of the 3.”
2. “Nobody in this universe can fall FURTHER BELOW the tamasic guna.”
……….. as nothing is below tamasic guna – “Mode Of Ignorance”.

So, keeping these points in view, rishi Ved Vyas categorized all the 18 Puranas.


A) We all know………….. (including ISKCON people)

1. Sattvik Guna (Mode of Goodness) ----- top
2. Rajasic Guna (Mode of Passion) ------- Middle
3. Tamasic Guna (Mode of Ignorance) ---- BOTTOM

B) All the 18 Puranas have been written to DIRECTLY ELEVATE the common people from their RESPECTIVE GUNAS TO THE NIRGUNA TATTVA (Brahman)………….. (Already discussed)
Since these above mentioned points are true and without any MIS-interpretation,
the Logical CONCLUSION are ----

1. Sattvik Guna is already at the Top among 3,…(Very near to the Nirguna)
So, Sattvik puranas do the LEAST WORK.

In Kaliyuga, very few people are Sattvik.
((may be around 10 %))
SINCE they are already in the ‘Mode of Goodness’,………. they require VERY LOW DOSE ((like 2 Polio drops))….

So the PURANAS PROVIDED TO THEM DO THE LEAST WORK to elevate themselves from Sattvik guna to the NIRGUNA LEVEL.

2. Rajasic guna is Below the sattvik,
So, Rajasic Puranas do comparatively MORE WORK than Sattvik puranas

In Kaliyuga, large number of people are Rajasik
((around 30 %)) ………. They are the Films & Sports Celebrities, Businessmen, etc.

SINCE they are in the ‘Mode of Passion’,……….. they require COMPARATIVELY STRONGER DOSE.
((like Half bottle of Polio)) …………. To bring them into SENSES (nirguna level)

3. Finally comes the TAMASIK Guna …. “MODE OF IGNORANCE”

Tama’sick Guna people …….(60 % of total) ……are in COMA !!!
Obviously, VERY HIGH DOSE required

You can yourself imagine …… what type of treatment is given by (Dr.) Ved Vyas ……to these Tama’sick People.

Full bottle of Polio + Injections + ICU (intensive care unit) treatment

so, from the above discussion with you HOLY READERS,


Shiva Maha Purana,.... being the CROWN of Tamasic Puranas .... is the MOST POWERFUL

If accidently, any of the persons belonging to 'Sattvik' or 'Rajasic' Guna finds himself/herself DEGRADED,...... then Don't worry, .... 

Come and read the Shiva Maha Purana and get the Strongest DOSE and very sophisticated ICU treatment to ELEVATE yourself to the NIRGUNA LEVEL.

It is only the ISKCON people who treat the Rajasic and Tamasic Puranas as UNTOUCHABLES.

They don't Even try to READ or PAY RESPECT to these Puranas


  1. Yes, nice logic. I also had encountered with ISKCON ppl, and said me the that Shiva Puran is Tamasik. And they gave Padma Puran proof.

  2. Can someone please answer to my question. I want to know Shiva Avatar in Dvapara Yuga. We know Krishna avatar of Vishnu but we dont know Shiva Avatar during this Yugh. I want to prepare play on Shiva.Please provide me links where I can find stories of lord Shiva. My Email:

  3. There were 2 avatars of Lord Shiv in Dwapar Yug

    1. Rishi DurVaasa
    Just as Lord Krishna is called as the "PREM AVATAR" -- Loving Incarnation of Lord Vishnu,
    Similarly, Rishi Durvaasa is called as the "KOP AVATAR" -- Angry Incarnation of Lord SHIVA.

    He was there on earth BOTH during Treta Yug and DWAPAR YUG.
    You can find His story---->
    with Lord Ram ---- in VALMIKI RAMAYAN
    with Lord Krishna --- in MAHABHARAT

    2. Lord Hanuman
    He was there with Lord Krishna and Pandavas.
    There are MANY stories related to it........ u can find them in MAHABHARAT.
    it will be too long to write here