Krishna worships Shiva

Krishna worships Shiva

Thursday, October 10, 2013

iskCON is wrong 2

Proofs that SHIVA AND VISHNU ARE EQUAL and Isk’con Mis-interpretations REVEALED ---

SB 4.7.54 ORIGINAL statement --- Lord Vishnu tells King Daksha (father of Sati) --- “He who of the three ((Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva)) having ONE NATURE, verily, of the Supersoul in all beings, DOES NOT SEE THE SEPARATENESS, o brahmin, realizes the peace.”

The SAME LINE is told by Lord Shiva to king Daksha in SHIVA MAHA PURANA.
Additionally, Lord Shiva also says —

“ The FOOLISH PERSON who sees separateness among the three of us, DEFINITELY remains in HELL for the time as long as the moon and the stars are in the sky.

Daksha ! if a Vishnu devotee degrades lord Shiva and if a Shiva devotee degrades lord Vishnu, then BOTH THESE TYPE OF DEVOTEES will automatically get all the ‘curses’ that have been given to you and these types of devotees will remain devoid of tattva gyaan.” i.e. the highest spiritual knowledge.

So, you can clearly see, if there had been any difference among the three, then Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva would have mentioned it; but it is not so.

SIMILAR LINES have been found in the RAMAYANA written by Goswami Tulsidas.


Lord Rama declares that – “If a person degrades lord Shiva and calls himself My devotee; and if a person degrades lord Rama/Vishnu and calls himself Shiva devotee, THEN THAT PERSON IS A FOOL, HELL-RESIDER AND POOR-MINDED.”

So these are the CLEAR-CUT and TRANSPARENT MEANING lines from the Main Hindu Puranas to which every person ((male & female of every age group)) of Sanatana Hindu Dharama ACCEPTS UNCONDITIONALLY.

And now see the Crooked Interpretations of the ISKCON regarding the above points.

Opposing the 1st point, Iskcon cleverly give example of their Own Written ‘Brahma-Samhita’.
They say that---

Lord Vishnu is MILK
Lord Shiva & Brahma are YOGURT
In order to achieve REAL peace, TAKE ONLY MILK (Vishnu)

By saying so, Iskcon is CONDEMNING THE NON-SEPARATENESS stated by lord Vishnu Himself.

While the Supreme lord Vishnu is laying stress on “eka bhavanam – i.e. One Nature”,
Iskcon is INTRUDING IN BETWEEN saying that there is “MILK & YOGURT PHILOSOPHY.”

Yogurt is formed when pure milk is attacked by “Lactobacillus” bacteria.
SO MILK DOES NOT REMAIN IN ITS TRUE NATURE i.e. 2 natures are created.
Nature 1- Pure milk
Nature 2 – Milk infected with BACTERIA

So any person will never have same feeling for yogurt as for milk.
Because milk and yogurt Cannot Be Used for the same purpose at the same time. ((Nobody eats yogurt while drinking milk.))


Actually, iskcon is trying to say ---As Milk and yogurt can’t be used for same purpose;
Simiarly Liberation Can’t Be Attained By Worshipping Shiva, But ONLY by Vishnu.

You can see the BRAINWASH done at the ‘Minute Level’.

The QUESTION arises: ---
If “Milk And Yogurt Philosophy” is true, then ---

Why didn’t Ved Vyas introduce it by consulting Iskcon and why didn’t Vishnu preach this same philosophy?????

Opposing the 2 nd point, Iskcon totally rejects it because they say – “ This fact is from Tamasic Purana and hence LEADS TO HELL.”
So, TOTALLY REJECTED BY ISKCON. (what a Cheap mind !!!)

Opposing the 3 rd point, Iskcon makes 2 SILLY EXCUSES –-

1. They DON’T ACCEPT Goswami Tulsidas and say that “NO such incident is written in Valmiki Ramayana.”

2.Even if someone insists, then Iskcon says ----- “If a father takes the child on his shoulders, then it does not mean that the child is more important than father.”

QUESTION arises---
If it is true, then Rama would have said: “Although I Am Worshipping You, Yet I Am Your Father And You Are My Son.”

But Lord Rama didn’t say anything like this.

MORAL OF THE DISCUSSION: (Personal opinion)

1. Iskcon is in NO WAY ready to accept that Shiva is equal to Vishnu; whatsoever proof you may put in front of them.

2. They are like a frog in a well, which is not at all ready to accept that there is something like Ocean.

3. Whoever tells them that the “Brahman” is supreme, Vishnu and Shiva are equal; they start shouting that You Are Mayavadi demon!!!


  1. Thank you so very much for this writing. I just went to read Brahma-samhita in order to understand your comments. I kindly request few minutes of your time to read my thoughts.

    I am writing all this as your quote on the results to be expected when devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva insult each other, touched my heart. I can understand displeasure some unfortunate words people say causes and that is distressing. I will split my comment in two.

    I understand that you base your comments of ISKCON on hearsay and partial reading and do not have full insight in their philosophy, yet you had quite rightly understood some of their understandings. They do not see Brahman as the supreme. However, they do see Vishnu and Shiva as equal. Whether or not they are right, it is their belief that higher then Brahman is the personality of Godhead who is the source of Brahman and original personality from which Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (possessing 60 of the 64 qualities of "original Godhead") originate and whom They represent.

    ISKCON itself comes in a line of Brahma sampradaya and Brahma is thought to be worshiping Krsna and sees Vishnu as His father, thus Krsna becomes the highest to respect Brahmas teachings. (They recognize 4 sampradayas, Brahma, Shiva, Shri-which relates to Vishnu and four Kumaras as bonafide)

    In this line as a hidden incarnation arrives Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is said to have read Brahma Samhita (originally spoken by Lord Brahma) to his friends. I am very aware that this idea is controversial, but I hope we would agree that every devotee of the Lord has a right to pick what is fitting to his own relationship with God. Indeed, this is rather often thought in ISKCON too. Problem arises in the following, Gaudiya Vaisnavas believe that personal relationship with a form of God is superior to just idea of God and they believe that Krsna grants the flavour they consider "the best" thus naturally they among themselves speak in such way as to share their rasa (taste). Even here are grades of relationship thought and develop by time where some will see God as father, brother, lover, master or have a neutral relationship.

  2. In the Gaudiya tradition there is actually an echo of the trinity in something called Panca Tattva. In the book Caitanya Caritamrta this is described as follows: "There is no spiritual difference between the Personalities of the Panca Tattva, for on the transcendental platform everything is absolute. Yet, varieties exist in the spiritual world, and in order to taste these spiritual varieties one should distinguish between them. Let me offer my obeisances unto Lord Sri Krsna, who has manifested Himself in five, as a devotee, expansion of a devotee, pure devotee and devotional energy." Based on this, there should be no difficulty in understanding what you are saying to be correct too. Especially when it is known that one of the five closest friends and wellwishers of Lord Caitanya was considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva (you may read more about it in the same book about the life of Advaita Acharya).

    My heart goes out to any devotees that insult strongly another´s belief and I pray to Lord Shiva for his blessings and removal of obstacles of ignorance from their hearts so they may be able to understand the Truth. I am myself a worshiper of Panca Tattva and it is in that light I pray and here is why.

    It is said that Lord Caitanya has been invited by a great scholar Sarvabauma Bhatacharya who preached what is called "mayavadi" philosophy yet He calmly listened for many days and showed exemplary politeness to a person who had different understanding and only spoke after asked after which they found a common ground. When wise people converse they do it politely and respectfully and can understand and learn from each other.

    Another reason is, not so long ago, under my servant time to my Lord Gaura (Caitanya Mahaprabhu) beautiful Lingam of Shiva-Shakti (lingam with the marks that represent shakti) has been denied entrance to Gauras home (and home of Panca Tattva) by some of His devotees. I have understood that this displeased my Lord greatly who pointed out He keeps Lord Shiva by His side at that very altar and it is His requests He follows, there is a bond of mutual love and respect between Them. This has afterwards been corrected and it is known that Lord Caitanya, before visiting Lord Jagannath to whom He gave His heart, in Puri first paid obeisances and visit to Lord Shiva.

    Again, I thank you for your work and hope that your work of correction will also involve a prayer to the Lord for Vaisnava devotees so He may grant them entrance to devotion of their choice and grant them thus wisdom of understanding the Truth. humbly, sri om tat sat

  3. Replies
    1. There is NO SUCH VERSE padma purana uttara khanda (U.K) 236 chap (or sometimes U.K 6.25.5-7) as quoted by iskcon sites on mayavadam. Chap (6).236 is conversation between Mrikandu Vashishta and parameshwara. For confirmation donwload Padma Purana published by the highly respected Anandashram Press in 1800s. Scan available at

  4. Absolutely true!
    I faced the same issue. The only thing is that I wrote a similar thing in Russian on my website a while ago because this ISKKON gibberish is transmitted in Russia too and so people have a DISTORTED picture of Hinduism believing that only Krishna is Supreme without understanding a simple HINDU truth that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are 3 aspects of the Universe and they are all equal. None of them is more important than the other.

    Moreover, for an adequate person it is easy to understand who to believe HINDUISM or a sect ISKKON. The latter appeared only in 1966 but takes its roots from the 15th century.
    Needless to say, how old Hinduism is!

    So people must be aware of ISKKON's silly ideas completely unrelated to "proper" Hinduism, not some sort of brainwashing.

    I have another point regarding guru-disciple relationship but I will write a separate article about it.

    Once again, thanks for your work!

  5. What I have always experienced from these ISKON folks is they don't have a simple policy to "live and let live". One cannot go on insulting the other person's belief and think Lord Krishna is happy about it.

    I met a senior guy from ISKON and he noticed the Rudrakshas I was wearing (he didn't see Lord Venkateswara's Kalyanam pendant though) and started giving me lectures that Lord Shiva is the best devotee and the same crap and I asked him who gave the Holy Discus to Lord Vishnu and asked him to name the parents of Lord Shiva. Next time you meet one such guy, treat him as an uneducated fanatic and show him the door and don't waste your time arguing with such enlightened folks!

    I once read Prabhupada's conversation with a Christian Priest/ Father and he said Christ is Cristos and it is the same as Krista which is Krishna. Lord Christ never said he was GOD but he was HIS son! This is a simple example of how to manipulate words without thinking.

    They should be trained in Advaitha and Adi Sankaracharya's philosophy to understand that they are insulting the same GOD by degrading one form of HIS! Worst part, youngsters and even people who are not familiar with Hinduism are mislead most of the time and it is really painful to see them talk about moksha and nirvana without knowing the elementary concepts of Hinduism.

    Finally, Yadu Vijayakrishnan, in my opinion, is a highly knowledgable person and would have done a lot of reasoning and research before he posted this. Kudos for your work Yadu.

    I pray to GOD relieve people of their ignorance!