Krishna worships Shiva

Krishna worships Shiva

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Daksha insults Siva

Once Durvasav Rishi meditated, praying to Devi Jagatambika. She became very satisfied with this that she gave him a flower chain necklace from her body to him. One day, he went to the palace of Daksha wearing this flower necklace. Daksha was very much fond of this necklace that he let know Durvasav his wish to own it. Thus, Durvasav gave him the necklace without any hesitation. With extreme happiness, Daksha took the necklace and placed it inside his bedroom. But one night he performed sex with his wife in front of the holy necklace thus making it polluted. Lord Siva came to know about this incident and  he scolded Daksha immediately. Being humiliated by Siva, Daksha developed an anger against Siva and swore revenge against him.

Later, several saints decided to conduct a grand Yajna. They selected a place called Prayaga as a venue for it. Several important personnel such as BrahmaDev, Sanatanists, scholars, devas, kings. Pundits etc gathered to take part in it.  There were many competitions and debates going on in the venue. Most of them were related to science, mathematics, art, dance and music. 

Lord Siva arrived there with his wife Sati. Everyone stood up in respect to the Lord of All and sat back discussing how lucky they are to have Lord Siva with them . At that time, unexpectedly, Daksha arrived . Everyone came to him to show gratitude and respect whereas Lord Siva didn't move from his seat knowing that Daksha is an egoist having pride to own all the luck and fortune without deserving it. Whereas Daksha seeing that Lord Siva immobile became angry.

"See his pride. Claiming to be a great person. Always hanging out with ghosts and demons while residing in a graveyard, yet he don't have respect towards me. This is adharma. Everyone walking, talking, sitting, befriending you will become sinners. You will become a transgender. I'm cursing you. From this day forward you will be kicked out of all four casts. You will become terribly ugly and won't have a proper life. " By hearing Daksha's words all those saints present there agreed to his opinion. They misunderstood Rudra as a cruel. Devas joined with Daksha and began insulting Siva. But Siva didn't sat silently hearing all this without any reply.

Being a witness to the insult of Daksha and others towards Siva, Nandi became very angry. His eyes turned red. He shouted out," Insulting the person who balances creation,protection and destruction you fool? What do you have to insult my master like this? You are attacking against the person who is the main cause of this Yajna to be successful. How dare you make fun of him?"

Daksha became uncontrollable hearing the words from Nandi. He once again started to insult and curse Siva. Nandi replied with equal force and cursed all Brahmins including Daksha as an anger towards him. Lord Siva cracked a smile seeing Nandi's aggression towards Daksha. He calmed Nandi and said,"Hey Nandi, you are a scholar. Therefore, aggression is not appropriate for you. You have just cursed Brahmins because of slight misunderstanding. Whoever can curse us but that will not affect us. Daksha's curse will never do a slight harm to us ever. You can believe me. Therefore, be cool.". Nandi turned calm hearing Siva's philosophy. They went back to Kailas.

Angry Daksha returned to his palace yet he had his aggression towards Siva building up in his mind. He spent most of his time planning to take revenge on Siva. He even started to insult those who pray to Lord Siva. He thus became a arch enemy of Siva. Thus he decided to conduct a grand Yaga and swore not to invite Siva and Sati to it.

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