Krishna worships Shiva

Krishna worships Shiva

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rama Worshipping Shiva

Lord Vishnu incarnated as Sri Rama in the Treta Yuga. During his life in the jungle, Ravan, the Asura King who ruled Lanka kidnapped Sita- wife of Sri Rama. To get her back and free the people of Lanka from the demon king, Rama reached the seashore(India and Lanka is separated by the sea) with the Vanaras(Army of monkeys) under the leadership of Sugreeva. This place is now the city of Rameswaram in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.
“How can I cross the ocean? How can I defear Ravan?” SriRam thought.
Suddenly, he felt thirsty. The vanaras brought sweet water to Ram. He had a vision of Lord Shiva while he was drinking happily.
He put down the bowl of water and started doing Poojas for Lord Shiva. His stotras made Lord Shiva contented. He appeared before Ram.
SriRama spoke with devotion.
“The Ever Great Maheswara! You are my Master and I am your servant. I can succeed only by your blessings. Ravan is ruthless yet he is your devotee as well. He is undefeatable because of the boon you granted him. His ego and pride made him confident even to conquer the three worlds. I can never be successful defeating him without your help.”
SriRama bowed down to Shiva after saying this. “Jai Shankara! Jai Shiva!” he repeatedly prayed.
After being please, Lord Shiva said,
“Rama, you will be prosperous. I’m contented by your devotion.”
Rama replied,” Oh Lord! SadaSiva! Please give me the power to win over Ravan in the war at Lanka.”
“Let it be.  You will emerge victorious as you wish.” Lord Shiva blessed Rama.
“Lord! If you are satisfied with me, please stay here so that everyone else can pray to you on this sacred spot.”
As per the request of Rama, Shiva turned into a Lingam at that spot which now is the famous temple of Rameswarm.
The Rameswaram Temple is one of the Twelve Jyothirlingam Temples of India.

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  1. Many people, especially the ISKCON VAISHNAVAS claim that "RAMA WORSHIPPING LORD SHIVA" is not mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayan.

    The COMMON SENSE says that if you don't find your answer in one book, then go and find the answer in Another AUTHORIZED BOOK.

    i also agree that Lord Rama is not mentioned to be worshiping Lord Shiva in the Valmiki Ramayan.


    Answer -->> "ABSOLUTELY NOT"

    We all should keep in mind the following GOLDEN LINES that --->>

    1.Just ONE single book is NOT ALWAYS ENOUGH to reveal all the evidences and incidents of the Past.

    2. A real and honest HISTORIAN never believes on just one SINGLE BOOK to know about the past happenings.

    3. He tries to collect as many evidences as possible in connection with a particular incident of the past

    4. A Historian believes that --- just BLINDLY BELIEVING in a Single book and TOTALLY REJECTING all Other books ((containing stories of past)).............. IS A PURE STUPIDITY.

    5. So, to find the truth, he collects ALL the books in which the CONCERNING MATTER is described.

    6. He compiles the data collected....... and ONLY THEN reaches at a particular CONCLUSION POINT.
    SIMILARLY, we should also see other books and COLLECT the DATA concerned.
    The books i found were -->>

    1. Saint Tulsidas' RamCharitManas
    In this Book, in the LANKA KAAND, the incident has been written in brief........... and here Lord Rama has also described the EQUALITY of Lord Shiva & Vishnu.

    2. Rishi Ved Vyas' Shiv Puran
    In this book, the article has been given in DETAIL...... as is described in the article above

    3. To know the truth MORE PRACTICALLY, we should visit the Rameshwaram TEMPLE and ask the Local people about the famous story.

    So, i think we should follow all the above written points to find the truth.
    We MUST NOT blindly follow 1 single book and TOTALLY REJECT all the incidents mentioned in OTHER AUTHORIZED BOOKS