Krishna worships Shiva

Krishna worships Shiva

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Shiva is the best worshiper of Lord Krishna who is the Supreme God"

So says the priests and devotees of ISKCON. "Lord Krishna is the Supreme and Ultimate one. Every other Gods are under his feet. There is no use worshiping others. Lord Krishna is the only answer. Vishnu is an incarnation of Lord Krishna along with other nine Avatars. Shiva, the God of Destruction, is an avid worshiper of Krishna, moreover, the best one."

I feel like unleashing all my wrath on to whoever utter this foolishness not because I'm a worshiper of Lord Shiva but the philosophies of ISKCON are blasphemous and are distorting the whole meaning of Hinduism.

Everyone with a little common sense and familiar with Hinduism knows the hierarchy of Gods in it. Basically, there were three main Gods. Brahma- the God of creation, Vishnu- the God of Protection and Shiva- the God of Destruction. Every single story of creation revolves around these three Gods. Either Brahma created the universe or Vishnu did or Shiva as well. Vaishnavists believe Vishnu is the Ultimate God and he was the source of creation while Shaivists believe Shiva as the most powerful one. But none of these theories in Puranas introduces Sri Krishna at the time of creation. Krishna only appear in Hinduism in Dwapara Yuga as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. However, according to ISKCON, Krishna existed since the beginning and Vishnu is just an avatar of him. There are four Vedas, twenty Puranas and hundreds of Upanishads in Hinduism. Not one of them support the theories ISKCON proposes.

In recorded history, the very first God to appear in Hinduism is none other than Lord Shiva. Pashupati, the primitive form of Lord Shiva can be found in the Indus Valley Civilization around 3500 BC while Krishna emerged around 500 BC. People worshiped him as one of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu, not as the Supreme Godhead.

That is just plain history recorded by the archeologists. In the history according to the Puranas and Epics(which I personally believe as I got enough evidences to do so), we can find the personalities/incarnations of Lord Vishnu living on the face of the earth throughout. Vaman, Parasuram, Ram etc. Even the existence of Lord Krishna can be proved as the ruins of the sunken city of Dwarka is been found deep below the Arabian Sea. Shiva never appeared in just one point of time or event or in a particular yuga. Earth witnessed his presence more than once since the dawn of time. Why? Because Lord Shiva is above the yugas or time. Yugas are timescale of our world and Lord Shiva is beyond that. Check out-

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has done a great job in taking the Indian Culture to the rest of the world. A lot of people all around the globe felt the divine call by the touch of Holy Bhagavat Gita. Unfortunately, on their process, ISKCON twisted, altered and distorted Hinduism. They have actually Chritianified Sanatana Dharma. It was formed by Acharya Bhaktivedanta Swami in 1966. Just a half a century old. This holy religious organization turned into a cult and tampered with the philosphies which are some 3000 years old.

Even though I'm a worshiper of Lord Shiva, I'm not a Shaivist. I don't believe Lord Shiva is the Supreme God. Instead, I believe in Advaita that all Gods are one. The whole 300 Million Gods of Hinduism and even the Gods of other religions are just one. Shiva, Vishnu and others are manifestation of this single entity. In Hinduism, its called 'Parabrahma'. Muslims call it 'Allah' and different names in different religions according to their language.

What had lead to the misunderstanding that Lord Krishna as the Ultimate God? In Bhagavat Gita, Krishna says such things to Arjuna more than once. Its worth being followed but not literally. You see, Arjuna realizes that Krishna is not just an ordinary human being but is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In that sense, whatever Krishna says, its on behalf of Vishnu. Does that make Vishnu the Supreme one? No, Hinduism teaches All Gods Are ONE concept. Vishnu is the manifestation of Parabrahma. The one without a personal form. The energy which balances the world. The energy in you and me and all living and non-living things in the world.

If you still have confusion understanding, consider this illustration. Artificial Intelligence(AI) of your computer. Isn't it a single entity? Yes, the one which programs the whole machine. You're playing a game in it, suppose..FIFA13. The user(you) is playing against a team of 11 players. They are distinct 11 players but still they all are single AI. They all move in different directions, some tackling you, some guarding the goal post yet, they are one- the Artificial Intelligence. One of the player, lets give him a name, player-X scores a goal. Lets congratulate him- but wait...its the AI who is behind player-X's strength. Player-X dances, is it his skill? Yes...but its AI too. All other players in the opposite team is AI. Maybe, a player in your team scores a goal. Yes, its due to the player's skills but its yours as well. You should be appreciated for the goal.

So, Lord Krishna was right saying he is the supreme one. But he didn't mean literally, its the Nirakara Rupa Parabrahma who is the Ultimate God. The one without shape or size, eyes or ears, human nor animal- an infinite celestial omnipresent omniscient energy.


  1. Oh My God!!! You have no clue how much your writing has brought me to peace. I attended ISKON pooja for Shiva Ratri where they talked about Lord Shiva's birth from Bhramha and also that Lord Shiva is a disciple of Lord Vishnu. I was so disturbed about it...It has been troubling me for last three days and I am glad there are more out there who realized that ISKON is preaching it twisted.

    Your post was eye opening and blissful to read. To find it so close and appropriate to what I experienced tells me that I was made to read it somehow to come to peace. That is how Parbramha acts to make things clearer. Million thanks for posting it. I am adding your blog to my fav to revisit. Thanks again

    Deep Arora

    1. Mr Manu,a beautiful SHIVLING has been found in vatican ,Italy and a stone typed shivling found in ireland.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Its really a nice blog which answered many questions I had in my mind!

  3. Thank You Very Much For This Blog.Even I Am Greatly Disturbed And Troubled By The Constant Degrading Of Lord Shiva Not Only By ISKON But Every Vaishnava Cult. Yes !!! Cult Is The Right Word To Describe These Groups.. Devotees Is Too Nice A Word For Them. Lord Shiva Is The PARABRAHMA... We See His Light Everywhere... Even In Mecca He Is Worshipped As Allah.It Is Rightly Put That " the philosophies of ISKCON are blasphemous and are distorting the whole meaning of Hinduism ".
    Again Rightly Put " In recorded history, the very first God to appear in Hinduism is none other than Lord Shiva. Pashupati, the primitive form of Lord Shiva can be found in the Indus Valley Civilization around 3500 BC while Krishna emerged around 500 BC."
    Except Maybe For The Time Period Because Civilization Existed In Bharata Much Before The Westerners Put It... For the Whites Nothing Is Over 6000 Years But Recent Discoveries Have Proved Them Wrong And Sanatana Dharma And Bharata Right... In Fact Krishna Is No GOD At All.. It's An Attempt By A Person Long Ago To Be A GOD And His Cult Continues His Efforts. The Bhagvada Gita And Bhagavtam Are Examples Of This... A Person Blowing His Own Trumpet.. Saying I Am God Repeatedly ... Yes All GOD's Are One Manifested From Parabrahma Shiva And AdiParashakthi... Everything Else Is A Mere Eyewash

    1. I personally believe that the Hindu Civilization flourished way before 10,000BC. The radio active elements of Indus Valley Sites, Rama Setu, the sunken Dwarka City are some evidences.

    2. Very True !!!! But Our History And Historians Still Follow Max Mueller And His Kind And Believe The Distorted History Of Bharata.

      Another Thing I Noticed Is That Not Only Vishnu But Now Also Saraswathi Devi Is Appearing With A Peacock Feather On The Crown. The Cult Of Krishna Is Taking Over.

      Can Nothing Be Done To Save Sanatana Dharma. Until Recently I Used To Think Christians And Muslims Were The Enemies But Within Us There Are Hidden Enemies Who Are Slowly Corrupting And Destroying Our Sanatana Dharma.

    3. off course muslims and christians are the greatest threat to hinduism...Mahadev is Mahadev but atleast iscon is doing something we can say hinduism is dying its unfortunate . non of our new generation knows much about our religion and many getting converted to other religion. if one branch of Hinduism is flourishing let it be.... o

    4. @ramram You Are Very Right Christians And Muslims Are A Threat To Sanatana Dharma. But Now The Greatest Threat Is From Within, With Cults Like ISKCON Who Follow The Make Believe Principles Of Gaudiya Vaishnavas. Actually Its OK To Worship Ones Preferred GOD. Our Sanatana Dharma Offers Us The Freedom To Do So. Here The Case Is Different,Cults Like ISKCON Are Selling GOD Like A Commodity. My GOD Is Superior Come To Me Kind Of Act. More Seriously Speaking These Cults Are Corrupting And Polluting Our Ancient Scriptures To Suit Themselves And Claim It's Mention Here And There That Our GOD Is Superior. By The Way What Is This OUR GOD ??? Who Gave Them The Right To Own GOD ? Sanatana Dharma Is Not A Religion. It's A Way Of Life That Came Right From The Parabrahma . We Do Not Need Branches Or The Favors Of International Community. In Bharata We had Civilization And Technological Advancement When Rest Of The World Lived In Caves. This CULT By Flourishing Is Spreading Wrong Messages. And Therefore Must Be Stopped. They Have Backing Of Huge Funds From Outside INDIA Hence They Are Able To Indulge Is Such Affairs. These CULTS Are Helping To Destroy Our Country From Within. Time To Wake Up !!!!!

  4. Please Do Notice The Picture Of Lord Vishnu Now ... Always With A Peacock Feather... Not There In Earlier Pictures... This Is To Promote The Idea that Lord Vishnu Is An Avatar Of Krishna And Not Vice Versa ... Clever Isn't It... A CULT Indeed.

  5. ust joined dis block ....can sum1 pls tel me who gave "ISKCON" the authority to say tat lord krishna is greater than Mahadev ?.... honestly i dint even knew somthin like ISKCON existed !!

  6. Yadu, At the outset would like to congratulate for the dedication on the devotional subject. Awesome work! I have a question, can u clarify y u r indifferent about ISKCON, though I adore Lord Krishna, I respect Lord Shiva, he has enlightened me personally. Lord shiva has done miracles in my life and at the same time Lord krishna had been with me from my childhood, probably it could be that some hardcore devotees of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna talking about Lord shiva irrationally, but as you said earlier Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna are well wishers. They are Masters, debating would not put an end or minimize their blessings for us. This is my personal opinion,but to conclude your research is really stupendous. Great Job!

    1. Im not against Lord Krishna. He is one among the Hindu Pantheon and should be worshiped. But making him a dictator god is plain blasphemy and should not be tolerated.

    2. @ Yadu Vijayakrishnan Is Very Right When He Says " Lord Krishna is one among the Hindu Pantheon and should be worshiped. But making him a dictator god is plain blasphemy and should not be tolerated. ". It's Very Strange To Note That There Are Lots Of Our Religious Books Corrupted By The Gaudiya Vaishnava's And It's Cult ISKCON. Who Indulge In Insulting Lord Shiva By Calling The Parabrahma Shiva A Demi God And A Devotee Of Krishna Etc Etc.. Yet There Were No Objections To The Same . Just When Someone created A Blog In Support Of Lord Shiva ... Objections And Hate Comments Started.

  7. Have you been to hindu temples , there is statue at the gopuram showing his 1 finger . God is only 1 . Brahma is in Vishnu , Vishnu is in Siva and Siva is in Brahma (TRIMURTHI).Do understand the concept of 1 GOD

  8. chaitanya mahaprabhu was the last avtar of lord in kaliyug who cam to spread love amongst human. He cam to save the human race from the wrath of kali yug. vedas being older than his arrival didnt have his mention. Lord bramha, vishnu, shiv are rajyasik, satvik and tamasik avatar of a single god.To enlighten you further i have an article to share.

    Once Adishakti got a doubt whether Mahavishnu is equal to Lord SadaShiv. She questioned Lord Shiva about this. He explained that Vishnu is called Mahavishnu because the he protects this whole universe (including our solar system). He also said that only when MahaVishnu goes down deep in meditation this whole Universe will function otherwise the world will not function. He also opined this has been the procedure since the origin of the universe. He also mentioned that MahaVishnu remains as a safe passage for all the creations to attain the feet of god(shiva/vishnu). This is secret of the functioning of this universe.He also asked Parvati/Adishakti to do a 'Tapas" to find out the real truth. She went to Manasarovar and did a "Deep Tapas" finally Lord Shiv and Vishnu appeared before Parvati as Lord Shankara Naryana.This goes on to explain that Both SadaShiv and MahaVishnu are supreme,indepedent and cannot function with their mutual help. this is the truth.

    1. Lord Kalki is the last avatar of Vishnu....not chaitanya mahaprabhu.
      Just refer to the Hindu scriptures. Nobody other than the gaudiya vaishnava cult believes this distorted story.

    2. Any story that claims Krishna's supremacy is created by the followers of gaudiya vaishnava cult themselves. These stories cant be considered part of Hinduism and are just 500 years old. Its like making up a story that tells Mahatma Gandhi leading an army of soldiers and destroyed the Britishers in a war...which conveys an idea against the chief philosophy of Gandhi.
      This is what the gaudiya vaishnava cult has been doing..picking up Lord Krishna and made him a dictator which is against the core philosophy of Hinduism.

  9. AMAZING man.............after reading bhagwat geeta..(wth all respect)i was confused like everyone else thank you......GOD is one its people who creates religion siad by Napoleon....people should stop profiting in the name of God....

    1. If every one believe in niranjan nirakar or param brahma then no need to spent money to build expensive idols

  10. Dear fellow bhakta,
    I really liked your blog.. All the wonderful things that you have written. I am a bhakt of Lord Shiva myself, and have the deepest reverence for him and all the other Gods.

    However, it brought me some amount of grief as to what you have mentioned about other cults and sects. We should love our God but never point fingers at others.

    Just ponder over it yourself. Were Lord Shiva Himself had been reading your blog, would He have been happy at all the negatives that have been mentioned? Love selflessly, shed the rage and hatred. The Lord watches over us all and loves us all; so why should our love be conditional.

    Fill yourself with love and the grace of the Lord shal be bestowed upon you.

    I write this at the Divine Lotus Feet of Lord Shiva.

    Om Namah Shivah!

    1. I assume my articles are spreading a negative atmosphere? If it is, its like the shock waves of a bomb that is destined to eliminate terrorists. Most people find the distorting claims of iskcon very irritating.

  11. You are in complete illusion.Its not ISKCON that has made Krishna God.Krishna is accepted as Supreme God by all the scriptures.If you don't like it ,he won't change his position for that because one who is God is always God,he doesn't become God.
    Before talking about God you should have certain qualifications, it doesn't seem that you possess those as is evident from your comments.
    All the saints were not fools who have accepted and shown that Krishna is God. You can keep on barking ,it doesn't matter.

    1. 1. Nobody said anything about krishna not being a God. Kirshna is a God but not the supreme one. The supreme God is Parabrahma.

      2. Only distorted scriptures written by the gaudiya vaishnava cult say that Krishna is supreme. Your knowledge of Hindu scriptures is thus visible. You are just a frog in a well surrounded only by the books written by the few people following the gaudiya vaishnava cult.

      3. In Hinduism,everyone has equal right to worship and speak about God. There is no qualifications required for it. Your statement proves that you are still living in some feudal society.

      4. The saints of gaudiya vaishnava cult are foolish enough to distort and tamper the Vedas and Hindu culture for their need. Sages like Shankaracharya, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda etc all reject the false story that Krishna is supreme. They all point to Parabrahma as the Supreme one.

    2. @ Anonymous : Are You Qualified To Talk About GOD ??? Is Anyone Of Us Mortal Beings Qualified To Talk About GOD ?? @ Yadu Vijayakrishnan Rightly Pointed Out That // Only distorted scriptures written by the gaudiya vaishnava cult say that Krishna is supreme. Your knowledge of Hindu scriptures is thus visible. You are just a frog in a well surrounded only by the books written by the few people following the gaudiya vaishnava cult. // // The saints of gaudiya vaishnava cult are foolish enough to distort and tamper the Vedas and Hindu culture for their need // From Your Comments It's Quite Visible That You Are A Cult Member Sent To Create Discord. Come Out Of The Veil Of Anonymity And Identify Yourself Then Pass Comments. // To conclude that every Shaivas and Shaktas..and people of other religions are barbarians while they ( The CULT Worshippers )are the only enlightened ones.// Is Extremely Foolish. Yes Bhagavad Gita And Bhagavatha Are Part Of Sanatana Dharma Not The Ones That Are Peddled On The Streets By ISKCON. No Other Devotees Pass Wrong Comments On Each Other Its Only The Gaudiya Vaishnava's And Their Cult ISKCON Which Consider It Their Soul Birthright To Decide What Is Right, Who Is GOD, Where The Scriptures Need To Be Doctored To Suit Them.. Come Out It The Open Like All Of Us. Reveal Yourself And Discuss. It's Easy To Assume You Are A Cult Worshiper @ Yadu Vijayakrishnan Is Right In His Postings And His Blog Is A BOON For All Us Devotees Who Are Not Under The Influence Of The CULT ISKCON.

  12. Can your holy self explain what is parabrahman according to scriptures?

    Why you are getting so irritated? You start writing by blaming others, so how righteous are you in speaking about God?

    Everyone has the right to worship but not everyone has the right to speak.Everywhere in the scriptures it is said that one has to know about God from a person who knows about him.So how come you forgot this point, being such a knowledgable person of the scriptures.

    You are contradicting your 3rd point by speakig of sages in the 4th.
    Shankaracharya, a great acharya , an incarnation of Lord Shiva said"bhaj govindam-2 mudh mate" but you will remove this thing while quoting him.
    So, you accept whatever you like and reject whatever you don't like.Hence it is your ego that stops you from accepting things.

    Other sages you mentioned were spiritual , but why they never tried to stop animal killing ,if they really knew the parabrahman. For parabrahman everyone is equal and you don't have the right to kill others for your taste.

    1. First of all, please forgive me for the use of sharp words. I shouldve been polite and emotionless like you.

      1. I dont have to explain much about Parabrahma. Parabrahma in ShivaPurana is already stated in a story here.

      2. It appears you know my history. Ive been to different Ashrams of different sects. From iskcon, Advaita and others. I listened about 'God' in variety of views.

      3.Speaking about God is one thing and distorting and tampering the scriptures is another. It is blasphemy.

      4.Adi Shankara is the greatest teacher of Advaita. A 'bhaj govindam' doesnt bring that he believed in Krishna Supremacy. Here, you are bringing out the character of your cult of distorting facts.

      5.So you are saying SriRamakrishna and Vivekananda are not great sages?

      While Advaita,Mimamsa and Samkhya discuss about cosmology, nuclear energy, matter and other science,Krishna Supremacy proposes heaven,hell and the primitive belief of 'Worship only me or end up in hell'. People with logical thinking and scientific backing reject this in the first appeal.
      Everyone who believe in Krishna Supremacy belongs to the group of superstitious people of stone age belief.

    2. Right Words Used To Explain " Speaking about God is one thing and distorting and tampering the scriptures is another. It is blasphemy. " Also Rightly Pointed Out That " Here, you are bringing out the character of your cult of distorting facts. While Advaita,Mimamsa and Samkhya discuss about cosmology, nuclear energy, matter and other science,Krishna Supremacy proposes heaven,hell and the primitive belief of 'Worship only me or end up in hell'. People with logical thinking and scientific backing reject this in the first appeal.
      Everyone who believe in Krishna Supremacy belongs to the group of superstitious people of stone age belief. "
      @ Anonymous : Quoting Verses From Your Corrupted Books Wont Help Justify The Fact That You Are A CULT Member.Your Cult And Similar Ones Are Funded From Outside To Create A Rift In Sanatana Dharma. But Note You And The Likes Of You Will Fail Because When Something Directly Came From The Parabrahma Cannot Be Manipulated For Long. You Cult Will Soon Cease To Exist. They Will Be Exposed For What They Are . Again Come Out Of The Veil Of Anonymity...

    3. Dear Friends And Fellow Bloggers @ Yadu Vijayakrishnan Blog Has Been a Boon For All Of Us Who Have Been At The Mercy Of False Ideas Peddled By Gaudiya Vaishnavas And It's CULT ISKCON . The Net If Full Of Such Nonsense Spread By These Cults. Their Objective Is To Create A Rift In Our Great Sanatana Dharma And Destroy Our Great Country. They Are Funded From Outside INDIA. Simply Put All Have The Freedom To Worship Their Own Aaradhya GOD. But Simply Claiming Only My GOD is Superior While Yours Is A Demi God Is Foolish. We Await Your Support.


  13. When you dont know whether I am from a cult or not,how do you assume that?

    All your answers are deviating from the questions put up.

    You talk of blasphemy and not accepting Krsna as God is also blasphemy.

    You dont want to explain parabrahman but you talk about it.
    I also accept parabrahman as supreme,but what it is?
    Open chapter 10 of bhagvadgita and read text 12 and 13.Arjuna tells who is Parabrahman.Now you will say that Arjuna was wrong or bhagvad gita is distorted or that bhagvad gita is not a part of the scriptures.
    Thats your wish , but you don't mislead people by opening a website and spreading the wrong message.

    The great sages you name were also blasphemous,when you look at something look at the whole perspective and not partially.When you blame others for blasphemy , why dont you accept the blame of being blasphemous as well when your great sages write that Krishna may have been a superpower or superhuman,etc.Just because you want to write whatever you like, you start speculating.When you dont know something, dont write,its better than speculating.

    You talk of logic and science , but your real science is that which tells you about things as they are.Whether it is stone age or any other age,whether it is science or not science, the supreme authority and the rules of the nature don't change.
    Science does not guarantee that it will bring you happiness.
    I have seen people who are not much advanced in your so called science but are much happier than others by just taking the names of Sri Krishna or Rama.

    Rest is you choice ,there is no point arguing with you.

    1. Because only follower of that cult find it hard to accept the reality that their philosophy and practice is wrong. Such as worshiping Radha...who is just a character in literature.

      Let the rest of the readers judge whether my answers are deviating and pointless.

      I never said anything about Krishna not being a God. He is not supreme. He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, like Ram.

      I've already explained about Parabrahma even in this article itself. It is unnecessary to give you a special condition.
      Shaiva texts says Shiva is supreme, Vaishnava's says Vishnu is supreme, Shakta's have their base texts and so on. While prabhupada went on to prove Krishna's Supremacy. Yes, Krishna is is Vishnu, Shiva and all other Gods.Thats the base concept of Advaita, that all Gods = Parabrahma.

      So you're saying Adi Shankara and Vivekananda are blasphemous? You have proved your knowledge.

      Every authentic text(not the distorted ones made by the cult) of Hinduism has scientific value. Of course, worshiping and prayers are path to attain positive energy. This doesnt mean that the figue one worship is superior to other's. Thats what the iskcon is been doing. To conclude that every Shaivas and Shaktas..and people of other religions are barbarians while they are the only enlightened one.

  14. I dont know from where you got the philosophy " Worship only me or end up in hell".
    I would like to tell you that nowhere it is said like that.In the seventh chapter of the Gita Krsna says that you go to the abode of that deity whom you worship,if you worship Lord Shiva you will go to his place,similarly others.The only addition that Krsna makes is that all these are not the supreme destination,its only his loka which is the supreme abode.
    So "worship only me or end up in hell" is simply a mental concoction.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      If you found no point in arguing with me...why did you come back barking again..

      Oh..sorry..I have used the wrong word. Thats the whole point here. Krishna said one thing and the cult distorts it. You cant disagree the fact that the iskcon devotees and prabhus claim 'you can only attain Moksha only through Krishna'. Its just bhakti yoga. I dont have to quote or anything, its necessary.
      Lets just stop doing all our work and spend 24X7 of our time in Bhakti - they say. They never spoke about Karma Yoga or Raja Yoga..which was perfectly explained by Vivekananda. There are many ways towards Moksha. Even an atheist with a good heart can attain it. Bhakti is not always the answer.

    2. plz dear yadu dnt fight wid anonymous reader...u r rite in ur point of view dt god is advaita and one as u said PARAMBRAHMA..actualy thr is no doubt bhagwat gita written by prabhupada has few words in his purport( self written expalantions) which is strange and if read d only conversation of arjuna-krishna..u dnt find any contraversial point..! i knew dt theology of ISKON society r making d peopl "kattarwadi" same as islamic or its pointless to argue wid each odr..! u and anonymous r d liberated soul who feel dt god is there..dts enough for almighty!....

      god bless all..


  15. Thats where your concept is wrong that all Gods are parabrahman.
    This way anyone who is above normal human being will become parabrahman,this can't be accepted.
    No one is above God and the moment you talk nonsense about him, you become blasphemous whether you be Vivekananda or anybody else just because you are very famous or you have a very high status in the society,that doesn't permit you to make any baseless statement.
    Not only ISKCON but all other sampradayas also state the same thing,
    I am just a simple person and I just can't overrule devotees like prahlada,sudama,arjuna,hanuman,bhishma,yashoda,vasudeva,devaki,etc. to put my own theory.
    I simply follow them. You can keep on searching for the light in the parabrahman.
    Defined parabrahman is Krsna only.

    1. Your belief is duality. That God and the rest of the world are different. Its not. We are all part of God. There is nothing blasphemous about that. You find it blasphemy because you belong to "only ours is the are pointless" group.

      Only the gaudiya vaishnava cult humiliate Vivekananda like this. Because they dont have the brains to understand cosmology or science. Its all dancing and jumping around..eating prasadams and making fun of other Gods to them. They get satisfaction by this. They dont wanna know about evolution, matter or any thing related to science.
      Carryon believing krsna=parabrahma...while the truth is 'the whole world=parabrahma'.

      The gaudiya vaishnava cult is just 500 years old.If just their philosophy is true that means billions of people before them and those who never heard of them must been lowlifes and none of them attained Moksha because they didnt know about the 'truth' which never passed by.

    2. @anonymous i think u r from the same cult.krishna is an avatar of lord vishnu. There are three main supreme gods and they are brahma ,vishnu and mahesh(shiva) . These are the forms of parabrahma itself. This is indicated in vedas and is the truth. And krishna is not parabrahman. He is just an avatar of lord vishnu. The 3 gods are equal. But ur cult (gaudiya vaishnava or iskcon)is spoiling this sacred knowledge by telling ppl that krsna or vishnu is suoerior than other gods which is absolute foolishness.brmha vishnu and mahesh are 3 forms of the same energy (parabramha). And there is nowhere written that krishna is superior than other gods except in gaudiya vaishnava or iskconite books........

  16. if krishna is the parent god of hinduism why we often prays the lord shiva and other god.. why lord shiva was taken as god of the god... and i' m very glad to know about why lord vishnu pray the lord shiva and why lord shiva give sudershyan chakra to lord vishnu moreover lord vishnu is recarnation of shree krishna

  17. I believe books,scriptures and following particular religion is a way of bringing discipline,focus to wandering minds.Everyone has a view point of their own belief in god,i respect all.There is no question of argument when once the mind is focused and in peace.I believe yadu has spoken his mind and i appreciate the way he has,in fact his painting behind speaks lot then his words.Well most our scriptures are written the way yadu has and arguments followed by (speaking out their minds)take whatever brings peace to your mind leave the rest.Everyone is in search of answers.when they start it seems different to all but when they end the answer is same for all.

  18. Im very glad to find this blog being a Lord Shiva devotee. But being a Hindu , i am disturbed at d comments arguing over superiority of Gods.God is it Lord Vishnu,Lord Shiva or Lord the Bhagvat Gita..It will give u so much peace .No matter what interpretation u derive out of it

  19. Shiva Is Present Everywhere, You Cannot Found A Single Place Where Shiva Is Not Present. As Adi Shankaracharya Said:
    "Forgive Me
    Oh, Shiva
    My Three Great Sins!
    I Came On A Pilgrimage To Kashi Forgetting That, You Are Omnipresent.
    In Thinking About You I Forgot That, You Are Beyond Thought.
    In Praying To You I Forgot That, You Are Beyond Words."

  20. In reality Parabhraman is formless SADASHIVA ... the ARDHNARESHWARA from whom the entire universe was born.... VISHNU BHRAMHA were its creation nd lord RUDRA his incarnation ... he incarnated to teach peaople how to find god by renouncing wordly affairs by being a tapasvi...... or how lead an ideal 'grihasta' life .....
    The moronic cult has polluted our culture .... isckon is a bloth to society... its teachings are missleading..... they portray lord krishna as a womanizer..... which is impossible because krishna left gokul at the age of 10 years and 7 months.. he was just adored by the gopis also lady Radha is a myth it evolved from the word'RADH'which means worship... krishna 'worshipped' lord SHIV for 12 years to have a son just like SHIV ...... and at the time of samudra manthan when mata parvati asked lord why did he not gulp down the poison... lord replied because vishnu and you live in my heart.
    This proves there was no superiority complex amongst gods it the CULT who points fingers on the superiority of other gods.....

    1. Hello Mr Vishwam Thaker,

      Small correction, the character Radha is actually present in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana she is suppose to be the eternal consort of Lord Krishna as per this Purana so I believe that Iskcon's philosophy is based on the Brahma Vaivarta Purana. I completely agree with the rest of the things you say.

  21. Mr. Yadu,
    I've got Immense relief by reading your article about iskcon. I was feeling disturbed for the past 3 MONTHS since i met an ISKCON devotee (( a family friend- Uncle )) and he gave me Bhagvad Gita - AS IT IS.
    I found that Book to be somewhat DEVIATING from the Main philosophy of Hinduism. Brother, you won’t believe that I WAS DEPRESSED after reading their books and I started Questioning to myself that WERE I, MY FAMILY AND THE ENTIRE NATION DOING WRONG BY WORSHIPPING LORD SHIVA ?????? ……… After talking about it with my parents and reading some ADVAITA VEDANTA SCRIPTURES, I came to know the Real TRUTH.
    Just like you, I also want to unleash all my wrath
    After reading some of the Iskcon books, I came to the following conclusions about ISKCON :->

    1. ISKCON is creating a nonsense propaganda like their (( so-invented word )) "SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD" i.e. Krishna and regarding even Lord Shiva and other Deities as "DEMI-GODS".
    REALITY IS THAT -- No such theory exists in Hindu ancient scriptures and none of the Indian Saints speak such type of "words".

    2. Iskcon Acharyas DON'T accept that SHIVA AND VISHNU ARE EQUAL; although there are Enough Evidences IN PURANAS in support of it. ( I will show that later on. )

    3. They claim that Adi Sankaracharya, RK Mission and other Advaitins (( WORSHIPPRS OF NIRGUNA BRAHMAN )) are all "Bogus and Fake", call them as "MAYAVADI".............

    It SAME AS if the OWLS haven't seen the SUN, then they DECLARE that OTHER Birds, who claim to have seen the SUN, are all "MAYAVADI". The same is ISKCON philosophy.

    4. They keep on giving PROOFS from THEIR OWN RE-WRITTEN Srimad Bhagvatam and Gita- AS IT IS (lol) :D .......... which include THEIR OWN DISTORTED THOUGHTS ((Purport written by them after each verse)).
    This is how they misguide people.

    5. They have NO knowledge of Vedas which lay stress on the fact that RUDRA ((SHIVA)) is the Supreme God. (( Nothing like GODHEAD. ))

    6. They say that Lord Vishnu is an incarnation of Krishna ; but THE TRUTH IS REVERSE OF IT. i.e. Krishna ( like Rama ) is an incarnation of Vishnu.

    ............... to be continued.

  22. The points kept by me ‘above’ and ‘further below’ are NOT meant to criticize ISKCON or any of its devotees. These are the points in their books which I found intolerable because I feel they hurt the Hindu religious sentiments.
    Iskcon has : ---
    1) Good point : Krsna is God
    2) Unacceptable point : All others are Demi-gods (( even Shiva, Shakti and Ganesha ))

    I think Iskcon people don’t know that in each of the 18 Maha Puranas, one deity is shown as God and others are Demi-gods.

    As in Shiv Purana, Shiv is the Supreme God and Lord Krishna (( a God, Not a Demi-god )) does “Tapasya” to impress Lord Shiva (( also a God ))on the advice of Upmanyu to get a son.
    Just see how “firm & flexible” is our Hindu faith.

    The ACTUAL HEIRARCHY OF GODS is clearly explained in Shiva Purana. It is as follows :
    1. Nirguna Nirakara Brahman – FIRST AND FOREMOST TRUTH
    2. Sada-Shiva appeared from It as the Ishwara
    3.From Shiva, Shakti (Ambika) appeared
    4. From Shiva’s left body part, Param Purusha Vishnu appeared
    5. From Shiva’s right body part, Brahma appeared and by Shiva’s Maya, he went into the navel of Lord Vishnu
    6. From Brahma’s forehead (between the eye-brows), Lord Shankara (Rudra) appeared and He was equal in all aspects with Lord Shiva

    For Hindus,

    Brahma = Vishnu = Shiva = Rudra = Shakti = Rama = Krishna = Ganesha = Para Brahman = GURU

    Although Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvathi, yet He is worshipped foremost in all Gods at all times, which you DULL-MINDED Iskcon people will never understand.

  23. Facts about Iskcon contd. ……..

    7. They say that worshipping Krishna is DIRECT WORSHP of God and worship of any other deity is INDIRECT WORSHIP.

    Do Hindus ever go to the temples with such wicked thoughts in their minds????
    What is this “Direct” and “Indirect” …?????

    8. Hindus respect and worship every deity - Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, Ganpati, Rama, Krishna and all others with the “same one faith”.
    But clever iskcon acharyas say that “If you worship any other deity (so-called demi-gods) Above or Equal to Krishna, then it is a SIN and you are insulting the Krishna (Godhead).”

    10. They take reference from Srimad Bhagavat Purana - SB 1.2.11
    which ORIGINALLY states that--->>

    1) One single entity (tattva) is described with Different Names - (Brahman, Parmatma and Bhagwan) by common people.
    2) Self-realized persons declare it to be SAME in All Aspects.
    …………… Nothing else is written in the verse.

    Iskcon CLEVERLY distort this shloka in their RE-WRITTEN Srimad Bhagavatam. They say that:
    THESE 3 WORDS represent the same God -->> Qualitatively; BUT NOT Quantitatively.
    See the Foolishness........

    Iskcon declare that these "Brahman, Parmatma and Bhagwan are NOT 1 BUT 3 Quantities (stages).”
    They give the example of THE SUN ------>>

    1st prelim. stage - IMPERSONAL brahman (Sunshine)
    2nd intermed. stage - LOCALIZED parmatma (Sun's surface)
    3rd final stage - bhagwan (Whole planet Sun - Godhead)

    On this Totally Distorted interpretation, iskcon acharyas declare that:
    “People who worship Krishna (3rd stage Bhagwan) are FULL WORSHIPPERS and others who worship 1st and 2nd stage are PARTIAL WORSHIPPERS.”

    Do Hindus believe in ‘Full’ or ‘Partial’ worship ……..???
    Do Hindus call the God with words like "IMPERSONAL" or "LOCAL" ......???? ...... (( As if there is a local Bus-stand... lol ))

    11. Their BIGGEST DRAWBACK is what Iskcon’s main founder Srila Prabhupada himself says in his book – “Science of self-realization”- Chapter 3.6.
    He says:
    “There is a misconception that Krsna consciousness movement represents the Hindu religion. …………….. Sometimes, Indians both inside and outside of India think that we are preaching the Hindu religion, BUT ACTUALLY WE ARE NOT”.

    One side, the founder says that “We are not preaching Hinduism”.
    At the same time, He is USING HINDU SCRIPTURES to promote “Hare Krsna Movement”.

    ……………. I think Srila Prabhupada didn’t know that both KRSNA & RAMA had taken avatara in Hindu religion (SCRIPTURALLY called Sanatana dharma).

    Iskcon is SAME as: --
    1) A person picks up 2-3 bags of sugar (( Srimad Bhagavatam, Gita, etc.)) from the GODOWN of sugar (Hindu Religious Scriptures).
    2) He CHANGES the bag’s COVER and labels a NEW NAME to them (( like Gita- AS IT IS, etc.))
    3) And the person starts saying -------“This is the Purest sugar,, ONLY this is Sweet (Godhead will give you salvation) and my Sugar-bags are NOT from the Godown (Hindu Sanatana Religion), which is inferior (demi-gods).


    1. Plz don't fight in name of religion & god let me clear u who is actually god ??God is all powerfull,he is the ocean of love he is formless bt @ the same time he owes the power 2 have a form 4 himself if he can give human a form thn y can't he himself have a form?? The supreme god is the absolute truth he created brahma,vishnu & mahesh 2 operate the universe & all demi gods r also his own creation .He is the param sanatan purush whn there is a rise in adharma & irreligious practices 2 save the society frm such degradation he sends saints,sons,servants or sometimes he manifest himself bt he doesn't come in cycle of birth & death he was thr always he is & will continue 2 remain he is sachitananda It is us who have given him diffrent names hindu call him para brahma or ishwar,christans call him jehovah,muslims call him allah,sikh call him rab or wahe guru bt actually god is 1 with diffrent names so every 1 has their own right 2 worshipp him as they want in any form For eg their r 3 different directions tht reach at same destination or place 3 people choose their 3 differnt ways 2 reach the destination bt at last they meet @ same place the final ultimate truth.

  24. Guys,

    Follow the path as explained in "Vedas". Heart of "Veda" is "Advaita". Most of us interpret this in a wrong way that defeats the whole purpose.

    One of the Rig Veda mantra --> "Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti". It means, "Sat" (Supreme Truth/Energy/Bramhamam) is "Ekam" (one) that expresses itself in multiple forms ("Bahuda Vadanti").

    Per Vedas, the supreme lord expresses itself (no gender before expressing) in 6 major forms -- Ganapathi, Surya, Vishnu, Siva, Shakti, Subhramany. Based on their samskaras, people worship any of these avatars as their primary God.

    However, true vedic principles mandate worshipping all aforementioned forms of God by keeping their favourite god at the centre. This process of vedic worship is called "Panchayatana"

    Shivites worship Shiva as centre by also worshipping other Gods as Demi gods. Similarly, from the Viashnavities worship "Vishnu" as primary god by keeping other forms as demi gods.

    Worshipping of God through a form is only for beginners like all of us in this forum.

    An important point -- we don't fall under any "Religion". After Britisher's invasion, they grouped all of aforementioned groups into one umbrella called "Hindus".

    It takes years of "real hard practice" to understand the core of vedic worship which results in ultimate peace. If we get there, we will be able to accept the fact that "Siva/Vishnu/Ganapathi/etc" are all one and the same.

    God bless us all!


  25. i would like to share my views, lord vishnu is the first person on earth who teached the people how to live and cultivate land and live happily for crores of years. He became a saint and detached himself by kingdom ,family , luxurious life and finally he attained moksha ..., means there is no rebirth in any lok I.e as a human , animal, or devthas (Dev lok ). He also told not to attach for anything even to god just be a good and do good and detach to everthing by meditation . By doing meditation you can find the difference. To attain moksha you have to detatach to everthing . Before karma nobody is exempted even the devathas have to face the karmas., even the dev lok gods are eagerly waiting to take birth on earth and detach by everthing and attain moksha. But here the people dont know for what purpose they are on earth still they run for happiness and finally end in sorrow. Even lord krishna soul is in narak lok and he will attain moksha after crores of years . He will born as ananth swamy and attain moksha after crores of years. 9848144551.

    May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.....
    "Jivamukthi Yoga Mantra"- By giving voice to it, we set the intention to create a world that is harmonious and peaceful. ..

    Om Namah Shivayah!
    Hare Rame Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!
    A'isha Bauer

  27. See these 2 links also ---

    A new incident came into light.

    In the KUMBHA MELA of 1760, two great throngs vying for supremacy clashed on the final day of bathing at the Kumbha Mela in the holy city of Haridwar.
    Violence ensued and Saiva and Vaishnava naga babas turned the festival into a killing ground. In all, 18,000 monks died that day.

    I think, it all occurs due to the MIS-interpretations made by Different Sects of people.


  28. Where is the anonymous buddy gone?? May be in ISCKON to learn more about speaking nonsense. God always loves you in your every stand. just love the theme of God. It's only brings us peace not argument or starting a war against each other. Love each other and do your Karma. KEEP CALM AND HAVE FAITH IN GOD.
    Be positive - and oh no it's not my blood group I mean It.

  29. May all "Pashanda matas" like Iskcon be destroyed all together and let only Sadachara prevail the Sadachara which allows all approaches to exist be it Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, Raja and Hata yogas. May the love of the Gopis exist side by side with the knowledge of "Aham Brahmasmi" .May the approach of Ishta prevail always, I hope that Mahadeva gives us the power to criticize and also destroy the "Pashanda matas" like Iskcon so that the true glory of the Vaidic dharma is spread over the world.

  30. Dear Yadu Vijayakrishnan,

    You made my day. I read one article written in the following site.

    wherein you can see how Lord Shiva was degraded. I comdemned them by replying that being a brahman, while performing sandhya vandhanam, they always start with "Achuthaya Namaha" Ananthaya Namaha and continues to perform achamanam by 12 names of vishnu, that itself puts a stop to know vishnu is supreme. Does he mean to say that people who perform sandhyavanam alone are hindus or human beings? What about for other caste people who do not perform sandhyavandhanam???!!!!!

    They also mentioned that Lord Shiva only informed all to pray vishnu and he is only way for liberation.

    Please suggest me what to reply and if possible, you can visit their visit and reply directly to them and if you don't mine mark a copy to me also.

    I believe you know the subject better than me

    Thanking you

    1. Sir,
      Most of the Indian people (above 95%) in the modern era don't know the sacred language of Hindus i.e. the Sanskrit language to understand scriptures
      They can't understand the meaning of the verses (Shloka)
      So, the people simply follow the HARD & FAST figures and facts.
      i mean - the young boys and girls, who don't know the Sanskrit language, simply follow the footprints of their family elders of worshipping Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu or Ganesha ..... or any other God
      For example, if a child is weak in studies, the parents of the child tell him to worship MAA SARASWATI (the goddess of knowledge).
      The child, being innocent by heart, simply starts worshipping the Saraswati Mata, starts building concentration and eventually obtains good marks.


      SIMILARLY, when the children see their parents worshipping Lord Shiva or Vishnu (Rama/Krishna) in temple, they simply do as their parents and continue to worship a particular DEITY (God).

      This practice of worshipping a particular deity goes on & on from generations to generations WITHOUT ANY QUARREL AMONG COMMON PEOPLE like us


      In fact, we Hindus have 33 crore Gods and Goddesses written in our Scriptures..... and specially NONE OF THEM FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER OVER SUPREIORITY POINT

    2. continued..........

      GROUND REALITY:--->>
      1. A pure devotee of Lord Vishnu never degrades Lord Shiva ...... and vice versa.

      2. A pure devotee of Lord Vishnu will never SHAKE THE FAITH of another person worshipping Lord Shiva... and vice versa.

      3. A pure devotee of Lord Vishnu NEVER TRIES TO JUDGE the level of other deities (Shiva) because he doesn't have so much time to analyse any other God........ because he is always busy in chanting his favourite God's name (be it Shiva or Vishnu)

      The above written was all about INNOCENT WORSHIP.
      And now see the CROOKED WORSHIP of Kaliyuga

      Actually in India, there is a special class of IDIOT PERSONS who SHOW THEMSELVES to be very religious

      If u see them from outside, their appearance will be same as described in Scriptures and they SHOW themselves to have a GREAT UNDERSTANDING of Puranas and Vedas.

      BUT when u ask them over Shiva or Vishnu superiority, you will see their real face.
      They keep on giving proofs that their God is superior to yours, as is done on the page u referred.
      Actually, they only have Bookish knowledge and NO PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE of Gods.
      To counteract their points, my advice is -->>
      1. U simply ask them -"Have u reached the level of Lord Shiva, that u are calling Him as Demigod ?
      Reason-- IF you reach at the MOON, only then you can say that "Moon is nearer to the earth than SUN"

      So if Shiva is lower than Vishnu, FIRST REACH YOURSELF AT LORD SHIVA's LEVEL, only then BARK.

      2. "Ashtavakra Gita" and "Yog Vashisth Maha-Ramayan" are the GREATEST EXAMPLES to know the reality

  31. Degradation of Hindu culture was mainly due to some forgotten events in history...
    Am a Yogi, Swami Nalanda from southern parts of you to read this...

  32. Hari om...
    @yadhu kindly excuse m
    As specified in puranasa there are five faults. Among 4 are sensible to man and another one is not easily sense by man which is called EGO. Without removing that fault no one attain MUKTI that is liberation.

    There are 4 ways to attain liberation.
    Among these bhakti yoga is simple one and difficulties increases gradually.
    In age of Kali, achieving liberation by any one or all these ways are very difficult. Hence god made an offer for Kali yuga that one can achieve liberation by chanting name of Krishna or by listening the activities of Krishna as specified in below verse.

    "yat phalam naasti tapasaa na yogena samaadhina
    tat phalam labhate samyak kalau keshava keerthanaat"
    Those results that cannot be obtained even by meditationand yogic samadhi, can be easily attained in the present day and age of Kali Yuga by singing His Divine Names .

    Hence they (ISKCON) spreading the name of Krishna. A real worshiper of god don't blame about such things. Because they know everyone worship to god who is accepted by there mind and soul. Another thing is all gives same benefits.

    Another thing is you are following the combination of first and last way of getting liberation that is BHAKTI YOGA plus JNANAYOGA.
    For JNANAYOGA followers its very necessary to maintain conscious mind that is free of great fault EGO.
    It's a habit of man who get ego easily when he get little jnana and as jnana increases ego will gradually decreases.

    I am proud to be seeing yogis like you. Because maintaining conscious mind in spiritual thing is very difficult and your mind is constant on lord Shiva. But one thing I suggest you that see any faults growing behind your spiritual knowledge. One thing is "one who is real worshiper of there beloved god only think about the greatness of god and he thinks that their beloved one is great". Again I mention that i am proud to be seeing a such devotee.

    Last but not least as thumb rule of Hinduism " loving our dharma and respecting other dharma's " maintain same in worshiping God also.


    1. Stop Promoting ISKCON 's false teachings !!!

  33. yadu , first of all thank you for giving me courage to stand by my belief.
    Since a child , ive always been taught that all GODS are equal . I pray to SHIva , Vishnu , Ganesh . MAA parvati and never though not a single time , that who is the greatest ?
    However I ve been shocked when my ISKCON friend told me SHiva being a Demi GOD and Vishnu is the supreme one .. It makes no sense . Gods are not evil , why would they tell their people that I am the greatest ? Only humans can think that way .. I am not against Vishnu . I pray to Vishnu as well as SHiva and I dnt even in my heart and prayers , think that one is greater than the other .. But debats with my friend somehow made me weak because he use Gita as a ref whereas I tell from myself , which makes my debats weak .
    I want to know who really wrote the Gita ? Did Ganesh wrote it from Krishna's words ?
    did it mention in the Old Gita that Vishnu is the supreme one ?
    anyway , even if someone tell me that Vishnu is greater or Shiva is greater , I wont believe ... I believe in the Holy trinity , they stand together equally ..
    Jai shree Krishna Om namah Shivaye

  34. First of all there is one God with many forms. But there must be the unique personality of God from whom other forms came into existence. So talks of a devotee resembles the teachings of the God he is worshiping. And being a neutral person to search the supreme God i find by complete observation and researching on points placed by both the rivals that a greater God is the one whose devotee is going rationally and logically searching the path to God instead of accepting one whom he feels good to be Supreme God. I insist once again sometimes we feel someone good and deny things which are logical or we are driven by our devotion to particular God. So please please all my intelligent friends this is kali yug we all know things will mess up but we have to take hard steps in order to reach truth. So i read some bhavishya puran and i found that the prophecies are coming to be true. Our height, ability to understand religion is decreasing. So when i find difficulty in my path to find supreme God or find any contrast in my knowledge i just close my eyes and pray with all my heart whoever the supreme god maybe if i am liable to worship u bring me more closer to you and clear my illusion. If i am not worshiping u then obviously i am worshiping a form of yours which came into existence later on so i request the one whom i am worshiping that i will worship you with my full heart till it happens to me through some means that you change my mind to worship another God. And similarly i will worship another one and ask him to let me follow right path. And I trust both the Gods want us to advance if we worship them truely. So they will automatically send us to right path. So no need to worry and no quarrelling or calling each other terrorist instead we should focus on worship and increase our knowledge . Together we stand divide we fall. Thanking God for giving me opportunity to write on this blog. I love you all and I love you God.

  35. Thank you. I love the Hindu religion and used to meditate with a Vedanta group. I'm a Christian, but I believe Jesus Christ is a reincarnation of Krishna. I also believe Y-sh-wa-ra is "Ye-heh-sh-wa" (Jesus) in Hebrew, because Ra means Sun-King and Heh means Emperor (so they are interchangeable syllables). The name Sh-y-wa also derives from it (minus de Ra) and somehow Vishnu as well [W(a)-Y-sh-(nu)] but I have not sorted it out properly yet... :) LVX

  36. To everyone....... distinguishing between the Trinities is the greatest crime ever.
    Choice can be made but no discrimination.

    As far as Iskcon is concerned, I will share my real life example.
    I was buying a tulsi wood mala from Iskcon Bangalore, I bought it with faith, and I just said to the guy at stall, I will use this to pray to my lord Shiva.
    You won't believe what he told me.
    He said instead of praying to Shiva, a demi god, u can pray directly to Lord Krishna, d only god.
    I told him, do u realize how sad my Lord Krishna would be to hear the discrimination you have raised. He was blank.

  37. This is a excellent blogspot I have come across on Hinduism and have gone across through various comments. I have only one thing to say that in 11th cantos of Bhagwatam (Bhagwat Puran) Krishna clearly tells Udhav to follow the teachings of Lord Dattatreya and his 24 Gurus.Lord Dattatreya is considered as avatar of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh in Dwaparyuga and told Tripura Rahasya to Parashurma even before Veda Vyas was born. I am bhakt of all Hindu Gods and request hard core Krishna bhaktas of not to misinterpret Krishna's teachings. Krishna never said not to worship other Gods in any scriptures.