Krishna worships Shiva

Krishna worships Shiva

Thursday, May 24, 2012


In which yuga did lord Shiva live?

asked by Rajesh Jason, Chennai


Lord Shiva can be viewed in two senses. I dont know which one you are referring, so Im gonna tell both.
First of all, Hinduism teaches monotheism, the absolute Nirakara Rupa Parabrahma being classified into different forms or avatars like waves in the ocean. Lord Shiva is one of it.  Therefore, he can supposed to be a personification of a form of energy required for act of destruction, scientifically speaking. Lord Shiva is then part of the absolute, you cannot tell which yuga he lived because he is always living. It's like asking in which year did kinetic energy exist?.
If you are asking in the context of Puranas, then, Lord Shiva didnt die to be said 'lived'. Unlike Gods such as Sri Ram, Krishna etc who are avatars or human forms of God, some superior Gods such as BrahmaDev, Vishnu and Shiva live forever until the cycle of life ends and they get reborn. I will give you his time span. Lord Shiva lives upto 400 BrahmaDev Years. And how long is 1 year of Brahma, u may ask...
4,320,000,000 human years = 1 Chatur Yuga of Devas
1000 Chatur Yugas = 1 Maha Yuga
1 Maha Yuga is also collection of the four Yugas - Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.
1 Maha Yuga = 1 day(excluding night) of Brahma
In 1 day(1 Maha Yuga) of Brahma, he does the divine job of creation with the help of 14 Manus one by one. By this calculation, in the present, 6 Manus have done their job. Right now, the seventh Manu called Vaivaswadan is helping Brahma for creation. Everything that Brahma created a day will be destroyed at the time of dusk.
Brahma has a life span of 100 years. Once he dies, a new Brahma will be born. It is said that millions of Brahma has already born and died earlier.
It is also said that 14 Indras will born and die one by one in each Brahma’s life.
Currently, we are all in the 1st day of the 51st year of Brahma and 6 Manus have done their job.

So, Shiva is actually above the yugas. Yugas are timescale of our world and Lord Shiva is beyond that.


  1. A very useful information for everybody who are deprived of such wonderful and amazing knowledge...

  2. Thank you so much by Rajesh Jason

  3. I grateful to you my friend for your information but if I were to answer above friend's query I would say Lord Shiva is Timeless ; Everything starts from lord Shiva and Ends at Lord Shiva.
    He's Creator and Destructor; Lord Shiva is Parbhram and he's ANANT

  4. Dear Yadu,se

    I am happy to have stumbled on your blog. It is very interesting for a seeker to find such a wealth of useful reading. I agree with your answers in this particular blog on the age of Shiva. Perhaps you can suggest an approximate period in which story of Sati, Daksha, and Parvati occur. Particuarly, is it right to think that by the time of Sri Rama in Tretayuga, Shiva-Parvati parinayam had taken place?

    Many thanks for any thoughts on this topic.


    Mrs Nalini

  5. I like to make a correction to an error...can i? There is wrong information about the life of Brahma.
    Its true that Indras keep changing and its not just Indra all devas and their functions keeps changing. But Brahma, "the head of the Dep." do not change...his life is 4 billion 320 million human years----information from the holy B. Gita.
    Thanking you...
    Jay ShiV Shakthi»»»

  6. The camparison of Bhagavan Shiva with Kinetic Energy was is really great...he is the God of Gods...the true Brahman himself...the humanoid form of the supreme soul...holy tree...
    Jay ShiV Shakthi»»»

  7. how do you come by this calculations?

  8. Dear Rudra Sena,
    Thanks for the correction. I shall edit it.

    The Hindu cosmology can be studied from various Puranas and Rig Veda also helps in this subject.
    To be precise, I learned the life span of Brahma from MahaSivaPurana. Other Puranas such as PadmaPurana, BhagavataPurana etc also gives ideas to related topics.

    Actually, for all those atheists and anti-Hindus, Puranas and Vedas should be considered first and foremost as a Science book not as a religious book to be avoided.

    1. Hi Yadu, I agree on the fact that Puranas and Vedas should rather be read through a scientific point of view.
      Also, I would suggest you a book -Kashimarnanmukti. It embraces beautiful story of, a Chaandaal who touches the spiritual height of Buddha. Have a look at it.

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  11. I was very happy seeing ur posts but now...u have insulted my God.
    In Padma Purana, Uttara Khanda, Lord Vishnu also tells Shiva-
    "O powerful Rudra,in every age in My different incarnations I too shall worship you to delude the demons"
    My God Shiva must be never treated below God Vishnu and is never a worshiper of Vishnudev.

    God Shiva is the humanoid form of MAHADEV, the Vedic Rudra..the Universe BOWS to GoD Shiva. God Shiva is the Rameshwar...he is worshiped by Krishna, Rama,Parashurama and all avatars of Vishnudev.

    1. Tell me where I have insulted Lord Shiva?

      And by the way, check out this post-

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  13. u r saying dat lord shiva live for 400 bramha dev u know all this perfect caluculations.....which script r u u know dat script is perfect wright.....and who is writer of dat script......and who told to dat writer about this things......

  14. 1. Rig Veda and the Puranas are the source for these calculations.
    2. Vedas are wrote by enlightened Rishis who just translated the voice of God to Human language.

  15. i like Lord Shiva and i'm very glad to know all these things

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  17. Hi am Adaikkal a great devotee of Lord Shiva I also pray Lord Vishnu how did Devi Parvati become the sister of Lord Vishnu